Using pressure cooker checklist for your first experience


If you live in a building on land to residing in a ship to the ocean, I think one of the most important thing is to purchase a pressure cooker that is great to you. Obviously, the pressure cooker can conserve more nutrients and cook food considerably faster with less energy.

As I know, some people have no guide to find the best way to use a pressure cooker, especially the instructions of the product is a foreign language. It will pose a serious threat because of the improper operation. So I provide a pressure cooker checklist in English.

Before using your pressure cooker after you bought it, you have better to boild water to take a initial pressure cooking experience with a test.


  • Pour at least the minimum necessary liquids into the pressure cooker.
  • Close the lid and put it to the heat and wait patiently.
  • Keep the pressure for serval minutes when it reaches the pressure.
  • Then remove it from the heat or release the pressure manually. Be cautious not to place your hand on the place where the steam will exhaust.

Pressure Cooker Checklist

  • Before starting to use your pressure cooker, please do a security check and make sure it is not dirty. The shape of the silicone or rubber seal should not be deformation.
  • Try to lean how it works when the pressure cooker releases pressure. There are some “signals” to let you know if the pressure has been reached. It may swinging around or just make a hissing sound.
  • You need to handle the time to begin your meal according to your situation. For us, I will begin my time when the pressure cooker make a hissing, because I often do things slowly.
  • Learn the best way to discharge the pressure when the cooking time has passed. You can remove it from the heat or release the pressure manually. For the security, just remember to make certain where the steam will exhaust when you start to to this!
  • remove the tap from the pressure cooker and clean both of them after you have cooked your meal.

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