Presto 01781 Pressure Canner and Cooker – Excellent Canner at Great Price


Are you the one who is fed up with preservatives in canned foods and want to save the energy like me? Presto 01781 pressure canner and cooker can fit your needs. Maybe this is one of the best ways to retain more of the nutrients and flavours of fruits and meat.

Is it safe?

pressure-cooker-stainless-steel-french-made-for-cooking-food-in-steamMany people are concerned that if this pressure canner safe or can I trust the gauge. You should know when it is overpressure, a plug will let of steam. With the pressure dial gauge, you can get accurate graduation of pressure during canning. You also can do an exhaustive search online, there are few negative reviews you could find.

Big enough

modern-multicooker-on-white-backgoundWith this 23-quart pressure canner, you can put lots of ingredients which need to come together. It works well with half pint and pint jars, the max capacity is 7 quarts jars, any more would be too much!

Works well on kinds of stoves

high-pressure-aluminum-cooking-pot-with-safety-coverIn some reviews, some people stated that this pressure canner and cooker should not be used on a glass top stove or ceramic top stove. Actually because of the flat canner bottom it can work well on kinds of stoves above. If you worry about, you can monitor the gauge while canning.

Need to be careful

team-escaping-from-lid-of-pressure-cooker-with-reflection-of-modern-kitchenAs it is a pretty large cooker, it becomes heavy when it is full. And you need to be careful when putting up jars or you will burn yourself. You can use long tong and hold it tightly.

Overall, after reading tons of reviews, the presto 01781 pressure canner and cooker is a reliable pressure canner at a great price! You can control the ingredients of your foods and cook healthfully unlike commercially or frozen produce.

It is easy to use, just follow the instructions of the manufacturer and enjoy the healthy, fresh foods with yourself, your family.

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