The Main Foods To Avoid To Lose Weight

None of us are ever happy about being overweight. It can be very frustrating trying different ways to lose weight and failing time and time again. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed when our meal plans don’t work and simply just want to quit thinking that we will never get slim. Don’t give up yet! Not until you read about these foods to avoid to lose weight.

I have been where you’re at now. Just as I was about to quit, I realized that I needed to change my meal planning strategy. If I were going to lose this weight, I needed to eliminate these foods from my diet. Besides regular exercises such as riding a recumbent bike for at least 30 minutes, or perform push-up 80 reps per day, what I’ve thrown into my mouth made up for over 50% of my success. Workout alone without a healthy diet is not going to do you any significant transformation.

So here you go, the foods to avoid to lose weight. Think long and hard about them because believe it or not, they are the culprits.

Processed Foods to Avoid to Lose Weightbeef-burger-with-grilled-bacon

While processed foods may be cheap and easier to prepare, they actually do more harm than good. You should try to eliminate or avoid these foods as much as possible. They are altered from their natural state and may contain things that are bad for your health. For example, trans fat is one of the ingredients in processed foods. This type of processed fat lowers your good cholesterol and raises the bad cholesterol. This even contributes to the risk of developing heart disease.

The high fructose corn syrup found in those processed foods that you love so much might be the reason you can’t seem to get rid of that fat in certain parts of your body. It is believed that this ingredient is a major cause of obesity.

Sugar should be Avoided tooselection-of-food-high-in-sugar

The average person’s intake of sugar per year is 150 pounds. You can find sugar in almost everything these days. 50 percent of the sugar we eat is from high-fructose corn syrup present in regular soft drinks and so called fat-free salad dressings. You are probably eating sugar without even realizing it.

There is nothing good about refined sugar. It doesn’t contain any calories, and it has no vitamins or minerals. In fact it has no nutritional values at all. When you eat sugar, a large amount of it is stored in your body as fat. Did you know that white table sugar is bleached with chlorine bleach? This is a known toxin.

Although fructose corn syrup is made from corn, it can be toxic to your liver. As mentioned before, it is thought to be a cause of your food cravings and weight gain. Sugar lowers the immune system; it is a nest for cancer cells and can help cause heart diseases as well.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners when trying to Lose Weight

I have another question for you. Did you know that artificial sweeteners are created in labs? Yes, these are the same sweeteners used in diet drinks and other low-calorie foods. These sweeteners may cause chronic illnesses such as migraines, depression, mood swings, vertigo, panic attacks, anxiety, memory loss, brain tumors, and the list goes on. Instead of helping you to lose weight, these sweeteners actually give you a bigger appetite and make you want to eat more all the time.

If you have tried several different dieting attempts which doesn’t work. Surely you may want to just quit. Don’t give up just yet. You can achieve your weight loss goal if you avoid the problem foods from your meal planning to lose weight. Avoid processed foods, sugar and artificial sweeteners from your diet and start living a healthy and happier life now.

Life is Simple – IP-LUX60 6-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

If you’re looking to save money on a pressure cooker by purchasing one that is able to cook much more than just normal cookers, maybe a multi-purpose pressure cooker will be the best choice. Do you have any idea about an exceptional pot which includes many appliances all in one. Fortunately I just find Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker which is high rating when I do some research on amazon, so I can’t wait to share it with you in this review.

Provid the most convenience with 6-in-1 pressuer cooker

This Instant Pot is specifically designed for the one who wants to have a fast-paced life style. With 10 micro-processor controlled programs, you can enjoy a variety of delicious tastes on the basis of meat/stew, soup, saute. Maybe you should consider whether to dispose of your other cookers in your kitchen.

Simple as Pressing a Button

It is completely redesigned user interface that providing the most convenience which is much better than the conventional stove-top one. With 3 adjustable modes, a 24-hour timer, you can always keep your cooking arranged in an orderly way and you can reassure to leave the house before it is done.

This simple instant pot also include:

pressure-cooker-stainless-steel-french-made-for-cooking-food-in-steam·With 10 Proven Safety Mechanisms, UL and ULC certified, you just need to concentrate on your cooking in peace of mind.

  • Reduced cooking time by up to 70% and you don’t have to worry about wasting time.
  • Designed for green-conscious life style which is highly energy efficient saving up to 70% of energy.
  • As a 6-in-1 multi-functional cooker, these accessories are included: stainless steel steam rack, rice paddle, soup spoon and measuring cup.
  • There are some instructions, recipes and cooking time table in English, Spanish, French and Chinese included which guide you to cook as perfect as you can.

What other customers say:

The Instant Pot currently has received 5 star ratings from hundreds of real life customers that have reviewed it on Amazon. Some customers complained that the delayed timer is not accurate enough which designed intended the 5%. However, you can add about 2 hours more to the number of delayed hours to solve this.

Overall, in my opinion, if you are looking for a dependable, safety, convenient pressure cooker, probably Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker is an excellent choice.
You can click the link below to take note of all the existing customers that have given their reviews.

Frigidaire FGEW2765PF Convection Oven Review

As a true convection oven, the Frigidaire FGEW2765PF comes with a built-in fan to facilitate air circulation around food in the cooking chamber. It also comes with a lot of features including a 5-rack position and 24-hour delay timer. It can therefore accommodate a variety of dishes in one setting and you can schedule the time of cooking. You can bake, roast, and keep food warm in this versatile kitchen appliance.

Why Should You Go for a Convection Oven?

In a traditional or conventional oven, cooking of food is facilitated through heat and radiation that bounce within the oven’s walls. While that is an effective way of cooking, there could be some cold spots inside the cooking chamber. With this type of cooking device, uneven cooking of food may be experienced.

The Frigidaire FGEW2765PF works as a convection oven since it comes with a built-in fan. Heat is therefore circulated inside the oven to cook food evenly. So even if you decide to cook a number of dishes in a multi-rack setting, everything will come out of the oven well-cooked.

This model carries a lot of other features too. You will appreciate its one-touch option controls which allow you to quickly choose a cooking temperature for a particular dish. You can cook and bake meat, pasta, pizza, pastries and more in this one simple oven.

Main Features

Oven Capacity – This is a 3.8 cubic feet oven. It can hold several dishes in one setting since it also comes with 5 adjustable racks.

Quick Preheat – The oven can be preheated in just a few minutes. Cooking time will always be fast and efficient.

Fuel Type – This is an electric oven. You need an electrical outlet to use it.

Delay Start – It comes with a 24 hour delay timer. You can set it to start cooking on your preferred time.

Smudge Proof – Its stainless steel finish is fingerprint resistant and easy to clean. It also looks good in the kitchen.

Steam Cleaning – It comes with a steam cleaning option for a chemical free and hassle free maintenance. This can be pre-set to automatically operate after hours of use.

Power Broil – Broiling food is fast and efficient. The temperature can be set anywhere from 400 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even Baking Technology – This feature guarantees even baking all the time. Even cooking is always important no matter what the recipe is.

Keep Warm Setting – The food can be kept warm after baking. You can take it out when the family is ready to eat.

Express Select Controls – You can choose to select from the 1-touch options or set the cooking temperature manually yourself.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 29 x 27 x 24-3/4 inches
Product Weight: Approximately 120 pounds


Controls are Easy to Operate – Its one touch options allow you to easily choose from pre-programmed settings.

Easy to Install – The unit can be installed under the counter or through the wall. As long as the precise cut out size is prepared, installing the oven is a breeze.

Easy to Clean – It has a built-in optional steam cleaning feature. Chemical-free steam is used for the process, so it’s safe.


Fan Noise – According to some customers, the oven fan is noticeable when running. This is only normal as it moves a lot of air inside the cooking chamber. The noise is actually negligible.

Is the Frigidaire FGEW2765PF for You?

If you’re looking for a true convection oven, it would be wise to consider this model. It comes with a built-in fan to facilitate quick and even cooking of food all the time.

This unit is also easy to operate as it comes with one touch controls. You can also choose to select a particular temperature setting manually so as to meet your specific requirements on certain recipes.

Indeed, this is a very helpful and versatile kitchen companion and it will allow you to prepare a lot of dishes effortlessly. It cooks well; and there are features like time delay and keep warm settings to really help you with your cooking tasks. It even comes with a self-cleaning feature.


This oven has 5-star ratings at too, as a lot of customers are really pleased with its performance.
As for the price, the manufacturer has currently set $1,699.00 as their suggested retail price for this unit.

However, as of this writing, you can get it at Amazon for only $1,399.00 (plus free shipping). Amazing, isn’t it?
So if you’re really keen on getting the Frigidaire FGEW2765PF oven, buy it now before it runs out of stock.

It’s worth every penny and you’ll really love it too!

Baratza Vario Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder Review

Following on from my review of the Rancilio Rocky Doserless Burr Grinder which is a huge favorite amongst espresso purists and is probably the most popular espresso burr grinder for the home that there is, i’m now going to take a look at what is arguably the best espresso burr grinder for the home and see if there are any faults or shortcomings with the machine. The burr grinder i’m referring to is of course the Baratza Vario Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder and you can see this impressive machine here!

If you’re a big fan of espresso then i’m sure you’ll know that many enthusiasts including myself strongly recommend investing in a high quality burr grinder and we put more importance on that than having a high quality Italian espresso machine! The reason for this is that you can have delicious espresso with a high quality grinder and a cheap espresso machine, but creating drinkable espresso with an expensive espresso machine and a cheap grinder is next to impossible. The grinder should come first and then you can upgrade to a better espresso machine later on when your tastes advance.

For now, let’s take a look at the Baratza Vario Grinder and see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be!

What is the Baratza Vario Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder and how does it work?

It’s a high end for the home ceramic burr coffee grinder! The Baratza Vario is German designed and German built and uses a belt attached to the motor to turn the burrs. This gives it a slightly more silent operation over the Rancilio Rocky which has its burrs attached directly to the motor.

I shall now go into each of the Baratza Vario grinder’s features and give the pros and cons of each:

Adjusting the grinds on the Baratza Vario Grinder

The Baratza Vario has 200 settings ranging from espresso to French press. To change the settings there are two adjusters. The macro adjuster is on the right hand side of the panel and allows you to make adjustments from espresso at the top, to filter coffee in the centre and French press at the bottom. Getting from an espresso grind to a more coarse French press, there are 10 settings using the macro adjuster on the right. Then on the left is the micro adjuster. The micro adjust has 20 settings. The full 20 settings of the micro adjuster is equal to one setting on the macro adjuster. So this is for fine tuning your grind down to the smallest detail.

The adjusters slide up and down with total ease, in a stepless design. This is in contrast to the Rancilio Rocky where you need to use two hands to turn the bean hopper at the top  in order to alter your settings. Placing the two side by side, the Baratza Vario wins hands down on simplicity and ease of use when it comes to changing your grind setting. Also the Rocky has only 50 settings, compared to the Vario’s 200. One of the complaints with the Rocky was that you couldn’t get a coarse enough grind for French press, clearly this is not the case with the Vario.

Grind quality on the Baratza Vario Grinder

One thing about the Baratza Vario Burr Coffee Grinder that everyone seems to agree on is the grind consistency. For espresso you really need to have consistent grinds, which the ceramic burrs are easily able to do on this machine. The Rocky also comes out on top with grind consistency but many people have noted how the Rocky does not always perform as well as the Vario with more oily beans. The ceramic burrs on the Vario should also last a lot longer than the stainless steel ones on the Rocky. The Vario is also that little bit faster than the Rocky, but the other advantage is that because the burrs are ceramic and not stainless steel they will not heat up. This fact ensures the flavor is not compromised in the Vario.

Baratza Vario Ceramic Burr Grinder – Digital Control Panel

This is a lovely design and gives you very close control over the end result. This is where you can set the grind time to within 1/10th of a second if you know precisely what you want. Otherwise, there are three buttons; espresso, filter and press. Each button is pre-programmed and will give you the correct amount of grounds for each. So in my case, i would simply press espresso and then start and it would grind. There is also a manual button in case i want to override the factory settings. It really is very simple! The only down side to the LCD panel, which a few other reviewers have noted is that you need to stoop down and get to within eye level of the display to see what it says. This is a major design fault and an inconvenience. Having said that, Baratza have now made an upgraded model with an H2 display! However, i have not personally seen this model so cannot vouch for it!

Baratza Vario Portaholder

coffee-beans-falling-into-a-spinning-cooler-professional-machineThis is another clear advantage the Baratza Vario holds over the Rancilio Rocky! The Rocky was made so that the portaholder would only accommodate the Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine porter filter. If you had the grinder but a different espresso machine with a different shaped porter filter then you had to remove the portaholder and hold the filter with your hand to catch the grounds. With the Baratza Vario, the portaholder is shaped differently and can accommodate most porter filters. You can simply rest it on there, turn the machine on and walk away while it does it’s work. Just in case you do have an awkward shaped filter then the holder does remove as well. It also comes with a grounds bin, so you can grind much more than the 7 grams for the filter.

One complaint about the Baratza Vario, which I have noticed is there is a little bit of espresso grounds splash once the filter approaches its full capacity. I’ve seen this on many grinders though and isn’t considered to be a major problem.

The Baratza Vario Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder does indeed beat out the Rancilio Rocky in most departments and is in my opinion the best affordable coffee grinder for the home that you can get without having to go for a commercial grinder. However, the Vario does cost a little over $100 extra than the Rocky so you’ll have to make up your own mind whether the price difference is worth it for the superior machine. The Rocky does do its job, and very well indeed, however the Vario is the better machine and should last you a lot longer too.

What Others Are Saying About The Baratza Vario Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder?

Well, it has received an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 on by people that have bought and used the machine. Here are a few of the comments:

– Seems to grind pretty much flawlessly, without jamming. I think beans have stuck in it twice in the year I’ve been using it, and I like a nice oily roast. Other grinders jam constantly.

– The first grind with this machine has produced perfect crema from my Gaggia Baby Twin machine.

– This perfects my home espresso set up – could not be happier.

– The grind consistency is perfect. The machine is well built, and it seems like it’s very durable.

– The Vario is so new that I didn’t find any meaningful reviews but I took a chance based on its specifications. I’m very satisfied with it.

Where Can You Buy The Baratza Vario?

There are many online stores you can purchase it from including from the official website for $469 plus shipping. However, there is a place you can get it for even cheaper than that and you should also be able to get free shipping from there too. Enjoy your espressos!

In-Depth GE Café CGS990SETSS Range Review

The GE Café CGS990SETSS is a free standing double oven gas range that’s equipped with 5 burners. You can do a lot of cooking with this appliance since it can handle all your cooking needs.

Since you only need one device to prepare different types of dishes, it saves space in the kitchen. And needless to say, you can save on money too, since you won’t have to buy a lot of kitchen appliances.

Why You Need an All-Around Gas Range

This all around gas range is more powerful than electric ovens and stoves. It carries everything you need for cooking food – 2 ovens, 5 burners, and even a non-stick griddle.

This model is comprised of 2 ovens – the upper (smaller) oven and the lower (bigger) oven. The upper oven is a traditional oven, while the one below is a convection oven.

This all around kitchen appliance is versatile, spacious, and energy efficient. A kitchen companion like this will make the task of cooking and preparing meals easier and more enjoyable too.

Main Features

  • Fuel Type – This is a gas range. A kit is included in the package to allow conversion from natural gas to propane gas.
  • 5 Burners – You can use 5 burners all at once.
  • Tri-Ring Burner – The tri-ring burner is powered by 20,000 BTU. It allows for the flexibility of using 3 different burners.
  • Precise Simmer Burner – Powered by 5,000 BTU, this particular burner can be used for cooking delicate food.
  • Power Boil Burner – This burner is best used for boiling water. It comes with 17,000 BTU.
  • All Purpose Burner – You can use the all purpose burner for cooking standard recipes. This is powered by 9,100 BTU.
  • Center Burner – The center burner is oval shaped to be able to handle odd-sized cookware. It is powered by 8,000 BTU.
  • Non-Stick Griddle – There’s a built in griddle on the surface of the gas range. It is ideal for cooking pancakes, bacon, fish fillet, etc.
  • Double Oven – Measuring a total of 6.7 cubic feet, this model has a large capacity for cooking different types of food. The upper oven measures 2.4 cubic feet while the lower oven measures 4.3 cubic feet.
  • Made and Build – It comes in stainless steel finish and includes stainless steel components too.
  • Self Clean Technology – The unit can be programmed to automatically clean the oven cavity so that this portion won’t have dirt buildup. The cleaning option can also be delayed by using the variable time option.
  • Safety Lock – The touch pad controls can be locked to avoid accidental operation.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 29 x 30 x 37 inches
Product Weight: Approximately 245 pounds


Looks Great: This unit will look great in the kitchen because it comes in stainless steel finish.Fast Boiling Power: It comes with a power boil burner (17,000 BTU) to quickly boil water.
Easy to Operate and Control: The touch pad controls allow the cook to choose temperature settings with just the touch of a button. There are also knobs for choosing power boil settings.


Convection Fan Noise: According to some consumers, the convection fan on the lower oven is quite noticeable. This is normal because the lower oven chamber is bigger than the upper oven. It therefore uses a big fan for even distribution of heat during operation.

It’s a Pleasure to Cook On

It’s really a pleasure to cook on this double oven range because it has everything you need and more!
If you love baking and roasting food, you have 2 ovens to do this. The upper oven is ideal for cooking and re-warming casseroles and pizza. The lower oven, which is the main oven, can be used for cooking main dishes. In fact, the lower oven chamber is so spacious that you can cook a 22 pound turkey in it. That solves your Thanksgiving dilemma right there.

Since the gas range comes with convection oven, proper circulation of hot air is used to cook food. This guarantees even cooking of meals all the time.

Note that it comes with 5 super powered burners too. You can cook different types of recipes on those burners. In fact, the unit is so well designed that you can put 4 big pots on the surface of the range all at once.

The GE Café CGS990SETSS really provides you with a lot of cooking options. It’s a versatile kitchen appliance that you can truly rely on for all your cooking needs.

You might think that it’s really expensive, and it is. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for this model is $3,300. However, it is now on sale at Amazon and you can get it for only $2,620 plus free shipping. Now, it doesn’t look that expensive, does it?

It’s an all-around gas range that’s worth every penny, so buy it now!

The Benefits of Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

If you are someone like me who love to cook with the pressure cooker, you know how important it is to cook fast in limited time at home.Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is the one that has been reviewed with high-rating by the real life customers on amazon.And since I’m always looking for a dependable pressure cooker in a short time, I decide to do some research on this popular model, so I could share it with you here in this model review.

Safe with a low price

Some people who just want to buy the expensive pressure cooker are afraid of the accident which exploded in a sudden.Actually you are going to find that how wrong you are after you buy and use Presto Pressure Cooker.You can’t imagine this cooker is safe enough to cook chicken, fish, meat and vegetables in a low price of around $55 which is hard to beat.

With the heavy-duty cover lock indicator and the sealing ring you never have to worry about the dangerous of exploding during your cooking which shows the pressure inside and prevents the lid from being opened until the pressure is safely reduced.It also has handles that is very sturdy, and a thick, heavy bottom, which holds in heat well.

Features & Specifications

stainless-steel-pots-isolated-on-whiteStainless steel is much better than aluminum and makes it great for browning meat pieces for stew or stock, and it heats up fast and holds heat well.

  • It is ease of handling and ideal for use though you haven’t taken the use of the pressure cooker.
  • With nonabrasive cleansers you will find it is easy to clean.
  • Backed by a powerful 12-year limited warranty.
  • A detailed instruction and recipe booklet is included.
  • With the size of 6-quart this pressure cooker can easily work well for up to a 4-person family.

The Customer Reviews & Scores

review-increase-rating-or-rankingMore than one thousand real life customers have given their marks for this model.All told, this pressure cooker has racked up an impressive 4.6 out of 5 stars.Most of them consider this model as a great value, sturdy cooker which is cheap and easy to use.

When I was researching for this pressure cooker review,I noticed that there were some minor complaints about the screws which is easy to rust.However,this probably coming from the device you use to heat the cooker.

Overall Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is one of the best pressure cookers in this price class on amazon.Would you like it?