How to Choose Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss


for weight loss while you lose weight. The key is to choose good quality foods and be willing to try new things.

Eating meals that are delicious and losing pounds of fat all at the same time? Is that even possible?

You can enjoy eating delicious foods while you lose weight. The key is to choose good quality ingredients that are naturally fresh and low in calories. These foods should include:

  • naturally raised meats
  • organic poultry
  • organic whole eggs
  • fresh fish
  • raw nuts
  • fresh herbs
  • fresh fruits and vegetables

All these foods are packed with plenty of nutrients for your body.

Try out various recipes methods. Switch it up. Substitute unhealthy ingredients like milk with almond milk.

Dieting has never been this fun. Check out these tasty but healthy recipes for weight loss below.

Cocoa-Nut Bananas



  • 4 teaspoons of organic cocoa powder
  • 4 teaspoons of toasted, unsweetened coconut
  • 2 small bananas, sliced on the bias


Place cocoa and coconut on separate plates. Roll each banana slice in the cocoa, and shake off the excess. Then, dip banana in the coconut

Warm Quinoa Salad


* 1 cup of quinoa, rinsed
* 2 cups of water or stock
* 1 medium onion, chopped
* 3 cloves garlic, chopped
* 1/4 cup chopped fresh basil
* 1/4 cup chopped fresh coriander (cilantro)
* 1 tomato, seeds and excess pulp removed, chopped
* 1 can adzuki beans, rinsed well
* 4 TBS lemon juice
* 3 TBS olive oil
* 3 cups shredded romaine lettuce
* 1 avocado, cubed
* 1 TBS chopped pumpkin seeds
* Unrefined sea salt and pepper, to taste

Combine rinsed quinoa, water, onion, garlic, and a little salt in medium saucepan and turn heat to high. Bring to a boil, cover, lower the heat to low, and simmer gently for about 15 minutes. Fluff with fork and transfer to a bowl. Add chopped herbs, tomato, rinsed adzuki beans, 2 TBS lemon juice, 1 TBS olive oil, salt and pepper.Toss romaine and avocado in rest of lemon juice and 2 TBS olive oil. Season with salt and cracked black pepper. Serve quinoa on bed ofsalad greens. Sprinkle with chopped pumpkin seeds.

Baked Buffalo Wings


1 lb chicken wings (preferably without skin)
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1 tablespoon Celtic Sea Salt
1/2 cup hot sauce
1 tablespoon butter

1. Fill a large pot half way with water and then add the first 4 ingredients.
2. Bring water mixture and wings to a boil and then boil for 15 minutes.
3. Transfer wings to an oven safe container coated with butter.
4. Bake wings on “Broil” for 15 minutes on each side. (For crispier wings, cook longer on each side, maybe 20 minutes per side).
5. While waiting for wings, combine the hot sauce and butter in a small pot and cook over low flame until melted.6. When wings are done, shake ‘em up with the sauce and enjoy!

Tea Juice



5-6 bags caffeine-free herbal tea (e.g., peach, mint, chamomile, or fruit tea) 3 quarts boiling water stevia powder (or liquid) to taste


Pour water over tea bags in a large pot. Add stevia while tea is hot. (Adjust amount
according to the desired sweetness.)
Let the tea cool, remove tea bags, transfer tea to a serving pitcher or individual water bottles, and refrigerate.

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