Herbal Tea for Winter


There’s nothing more soothing than a cup of herbal tea to keep your body warm and nourished during winter.  Herbal tea is hydrating and comes with a variety of health benefits for your body, depending on the type of tea you choose. Here are a few examples of what herbal tea can do for you…


Chamomile – reduces inflammation, helps to relieve symptoms of indigestion

Dandelion – supports digestion, supports liver function, acts as a mild laxative

Echinacea – boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, provides antioxidant actions

Green tea – provides strong antioxidant protection, supports liver function, reduces fluid retention

Fennel – reduces digestive upset, clears congestion, relieves colic in infants

Ginger – reduces inflammation, reduces nausea, boosts circulation


Licorice – soothes sore throats, reduces inflammation, provides adrenal support

Gingko – enhances cognition, supports circulation, provides antioxidant protection

As you can see there are a multitude of health benefits from drinking herbal tea. Whether you want to improve the strength of your immunity, reduce inflammation in the body, support your digestive system, increase your ability to detoxify, reduce symptoms of the flu or prevent disease, herbal tea can assist with its powerfully medicinal qualities.


Unlike coffee or black tea, herbal tea doesn’t dehydrate your body – in fact it’s a great way to increase your fluid intake. Try consuming at least one herbal tea each day and see if you notice the health benefits! If you’re looking for an energy boost, green tea or guarana tea contain small amounts of caffeine, providing you with a light pick me up throughout the day.

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