What To Watch For When Purchasing Your Outdoor Fireplace Grill?

An outdoor fireplace grill can add a classic touch and charm to your garden, patio, pool area setting for parties, gatherings and romantic evenings.

In some cooler climates it may even be considered an essential piece of outdoor furniture. One thing I particularly like about an outdoor fireplace grill is that it can quickly and easily be converted into a outdoor fireplace.

What should you be looking for when choosing your outdoor fireplace grill?

Three Vital Things You Should Consider

1/. How Are They Fueled?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho wood grill

The most popular models of outdoor fireplace grills available are fueled with wood, charcoal, gas or propane. A major consideration when choosing your grill will be the level of cooking and cleaning up after the fact that you want to do. It goes without saying that a wood fired grill with require extra cleaning compared to a gas grill. Besides, preparing firewood for cooking is not easy, you either have to buy splitted dried woods from local suppliers or spit them on your own with a log splitter or maul then dry them for over a month.

2/. How Does It Cook?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho wood grill

Another aspect to consider is how they cook. Some outdoor fireplace grills cook food directly over the flame, while others use indirect heat through an oven. There are even models where food is placed under the cooking grid and heat is applied using an appropriate burning source.

3/. What Material Is It Made From?

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There are many distinctive styles and finishes are available when it comes to outdoor fireplace grills. Most are made of stainless steel or other durable metal. While stainless steel does look nice it comes with a price tag. Generally speaking the more stainless steel the more expensive. It also requires cleaning to keep looking good. Porcelain coated cooking grids can be a problem.

Other Things That May Be Important:

Is your space limited? Or do you only cook for two or three people? If either of these are a consideration you may find a portable outdoor fireplace grill a more suitable option. These too come in a variety of shapes and are specifically designed for outdoor enjoyment for those with limited space in mind. Size is usually determined by the number of wheels.

When choosing a charcoal burning outdoor fireplace grill try to find one that has a grate runs the entire length of the grill. This will allow you to controll the heat more easily.

Being able to see into a wood burning fireplace grill has extra appeal. So be sure to choose one with large glass viewing area and polished brass finish glass doors. Because of the soot I suggest a stone or cast iron material. Apart from being a durable material they will not tarnish like stainless steel. Be sure to include some protection against flying sparks. Having a wider inner area is useful for easy loading of burning substances.

NB Do they have ash catchers for easy clean-up, and chimneys with rain caps. Do they come with fire tools?

Gas outdoor fireplace grills are easy to use fireplace grills with adjustable safety valve controls. These outdoor fireplaces grills are best made with stainless steel burners and lids. For the budget minded choose a metallic enamel finish on top lids and bottom bowls. Generally speaking these are easier to use and maintain.