Top 3 Most Unhealthy Foods that Make Losing Weight Difficult

One of the reasons many of us are overweight is 3 of the most unhealthy foods that we are eating too much of. This may come as a shock to you but they are wheat, corn and soy. “In Defence of Food” is a book written by a nutrition author named Michael Polland. In this book he stated that over 60% of our calorie intakes are obtained from these most unhealthy foods and their derivatives. Soy, corn and wheat have been perceived as being healthy but the fact is that our digestive systems were not meant to process them in such large amounts. Only 1 to 5% of calorie from them is considered healthy to consume. Yet everyday we are eating foods that are made with these 3 most unhealthy ingredients.

 Why is wheat one of the most unhealthy foods?

One of the most unhealthy foodsWheat is thought to be a healthy type of food. But this is incorrect. Wheat contains protein composite called gluten. Some people are gluten intolerant. Gluten can cause ailments like digestive disorders and painful joint conditions. Some foods with wheat in them are baked products, cereals, breads, ice creams, pastas and many other processed foods. Most unhealthy foods destabilize your blood sugar levels and make losing weight more difficult.


Most Unhealthy corn

Corn was one of my favorite things to eat. Whether it was roasted, boiled or baked, anyway it was prepared was fine with me. It is said that around 60% of the corn grown in the United States are genetically altered in a way that it is able to produce its own insecticide. This poison kills insects and other pest but doesn’t damage the corn, very convenient for farmers.  However, this corn is harmful to your health. Researcher’s experiments show unhealthy changes in rats’ intestines that were given genetically modified potatoes. Every day you may be consuming corn in the form of corn oil, sodas, salad dressings, ketchup, corn chips, candies, cakes and other high fructose corn syrup. These some of the most unhealthy foods that cause weight loss to fail.

Soy is unhealthy too

The high phytic acid found in soy products interferes with the normal absorption of important nutrients. Soy can contribute to zinc and B12 deficiencies. Eating unhealthy food can affect the way you digest protein and therefore cause problems with your pancreas. Estrogen is a plant found in soy that can interfere with endocrine hormones. These can lead to breast cancer and infertility in women. Soy products may also contain some aluminum toxin which can negatively affect your kidneys and nervous systems.

Daily you may be eating soybean oil, soy milk, and soy protein. What about eggs, chicken, beef, pork and other animals that were fed soy products. These indigestible foods make the animals sick and the meat unhealthy for us to eat.

It is not going to be easy giving up most unhealthy foods that you are accustomed to eating. You can start by taking it one step at a time. Begin by gradually eliminating half and continue to reduce your consumption of these unhealthy products. Soon you will be eating healthier, losing weight and feeling better.

How to Choose Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

for weight loss while you lose weight. The key is to choose good quality foods and be willing to try new things.

Eating meals that are delicious and losing pounds of fat all at the same time? Is that even possible?

You can enjoy eating delicious foods while you lose weight. The key is to choose good quality ingredients that are naturally fresh and low in calories. These foods should include:

  • naturally raised meats
  • organic poultry
  • organic whole eggs
  • fresh fish
  • raw nuts
  • fresh herbs
  • fresh fruits and vegetables

All these foods are packed with plenty of nutrients for your body.

Try out various recipes methods. Switch it up. Substitute unhealthy ingredients like milk with almond milk.

Dieting has never been this fun. Check out these tasty but healthy recipes for weight loss below.

Cocoa-Nut Bananas



  • 4 teaspoons of organic cocoa powder
  • 4 teaspoons of toasted, unsweetened coconut
  • 2 small bananas, sliced on the bias


Place cocoa and coconut on separate plates. Roll each banana slice in the cocoa, and shake off the excess. Then, dip banana in the coconut

Warm Quinoa Salad


* 1 cup of quinoa, rinsed
* 2 cups of water or stock
* 1 medium onion, chopped
* 3 cloves garlic, chopped
* 1/4 cup chopped fresh basil
* 1/4 cup chopped fresh coriander (cilantro)
* 1 tomato, seeds and excess pulp removed, chopped
* 1 can adzuki beans, rinsed well
* 4 TBS lemon juice
* 3 TBS olive oil
* 3 cups shredded romaine lettuce
* 1 avocado, cubed
* 1 TBS chopped pumpkin seeds
* Unrefined sea salt and pepper, to taste

Combine rinsed quinoa, water, onion, garlic, and a little salt in medium saucepan and turn heat to high. Bring to a boil, cover, lower the heat to low, and simmer gently for about 15 minutes. Fluff with fork and transfer to a bowl. Add chopped herbs, tomato, rinsed adzuki beans, 2 TBS lemon juice, 1 TBS olive oil, salt and pepper.Toss romaine and avocado in rest of lemon juice and 2 TBS olive oil. Season with salt and cracked black pepper. Serve quinoa on bed ofsalad greens. Sprinkle with chopped pumpkin seeds.

Baked Buffalo Wings


1 lb chicken wings (preferably without skin)
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1 tablespoon Celtic Sea Salt
1/2 cup hot sauce
1 tablespoon butter

1. Fill a large pot half way with water and then add the first 4 ingredients.
2. Bring water mixture and wings to a boil and then boil for 15 minutes.
3. Transfer wings to an oven safe container coated with butter.
4. Bake wings on “Broil” for 15 minutes on each side. (For crispier wings, cook longer on each side, maybe 20 minutes per side).
5. While waiting for wings, combine the hot sauce and butter in a small pot and cook over low flame until melted.6. When wings are done, shake ‘em up with the sauce and enjoy!

Tea Juice



5-6 bags caffeine-free herbal tea (e.g., peach, mint, chamomile, or fruit tea) 3 quarts boiling water stevia powder (or liquid) to taste


Pour water over tea bags in a large pot. Add stevia while tea is hot. (Adjust amount
according to the desired sweetness.)
Let the tea cool, remove tea bags, transfer tea to a serving pitcher or individual water bottles, and refrigerate.

What To Watch For When Purchasing Your Outdoor Fireplace Grill?

An outdoor fireplace grill can add a classic touch and charm to your garden, patio, pool area setting for parties, gatherings and romantic evenings.

In some cooler climates it may even be considered an essential piece of outdoor furniture. One thing I particularly like about an outdoor fireplace grill is that it can quickly and easily be converted into a outdoor fireplace.

What should you be looking for when choosing your outdoor fireplace grill?

Three Vital Things You Should Consider

1/. How Are They Fueled?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho wood grill

The most popular models of outdoor fireplace grills available are fueled with wood, charcoal, gas or propane. A major consideration when choosing your grill will be the level of cooking and cleaning up after the fact that you want to do. It goes without saying that a wood fired grill with require extra cleaning compared to a gas grill. Besides, preparing firewood for cooking is not easy, you either have to buy splitted dried woods from local suppliers or spit them on your own with a log splitter or maul then dry them for over a month.

2/. How Does It Cook?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho wood grill

Another aspect to consider is how they cook. Some outdoor fireplace grills cook food directly over the flame, while others use indirect heat through an oven. There are even models where food is placed under the cooking grid and heat is applied using an appropriate burning source.

3/. What Material Is It Made From?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho stainless steel outdoor grill

There are many distinctive styles and finishes are available when it comes to outdoor fireplace grills. Most are made of stainless steel or other durable metal. While stainless steel does look nice it comes with a price tag. Generally speaking the more stainless steel the more expensive. It also requires cleaning to keep looking good. Porcelain coated cooking grids can be a problem.

Other Things That May Be Important:

Is your space limited? Or do you only cook for two or three people? If either of these are a consideration you may find a portable outdoor fireplace grill a more suitable option. These too come in a variety of shapes and are specifically designed for outdoor enjoyment for those with limited space in mind. Size is usually determined by the number of wheels.

When choosing a charcoal burning outdoor fireplace grill try to find one that has a grate runs the entire length of the grill. This will allow you to controll the heat more easily.

Being able to see into a wood burning fireplace grill has extra appeal. So be sure to choose one with large glass viewing area and polished brass finish glass doors. Because of the soot I suggest a stone or cast iron material. Apart from being a durable material they will not tarnish like stainless steel. Be sure to include some protection against flying sparks. Having a wider inner area is useful for easy loading of burning substances.

NB Do they have ash catchers for easy clean-up, and chimneys with rain caps. Do they come with fire tools?

Gas outdoor fireplace grills are easy to use fireplace grills with adjustable safety valve controls. These outdoor fireplaces grills are best made with stainless steel burners and lids. For the budget minded choose a metallic enamel finish on top lids and bottom bowls. Generally speaking these are easier to use and maintain.

Presto 01781 Pressure Canner and Cooker – Excellent Canner at Great Price

Are you the one who is fed up with preservatives in canned foods and want to save the energy like me? Presto 01781 pressure canner and cooker can fit your needs. Maybe this is one of the best ways to retain more of the nutrients and flavours of fruits and meat.

Is it safe?

pressure-cooker-stainless-steel-french-made-for-cooking-food-in-steamMany people are concerned that if this pressure canner safe or can I trust the gauge. You should know when it is overpressure, a plug will let of steam. With the pressure dial gauge, you can get accurate graduation of pressure during canning. You also can do an exhaustive search online, there are few negative reviews you could find.

Big enough

modern-multicooker-on-white-backgoundWith this 23-quart pressure canner, you can put lots of ingredients which need to come together. It works well with half pint and pint jars, the max capacity is 7 quarts jars, any more would be too much!

Works well on kinds of stoves

high-pressure-aluminum-cooking-pot-with-safety-coverIn some reviews, some people stated that this pressure canner and cooker should not be used on a glass top stove or ceramic top stove. Actually because of the flat canner bottom it can work well on kinds of stoves above. If you worry about, you can monitor the gauge while canning.

Need to be careful

team-escaping-from-lid-of-pressure-cooker-with-reflection-of-modern-kitchenAs it is a pretty large cooker, it becomes heavy when it is full. And you need to be careful when putting up jars or you will burn yourself. You can use long tong and hold it tightly.

Overall, after reading tons of reviews, the presto 01781 pressure canner and cooker is a reliable pressure canner at a great price! You can control the ingredients of your foods and cook healthfully unlike commercially or frozen produce.

It is easy to use, just follow the instructions of the manufacturer and enjoy the healthy, fresh foods with yourself, your family.

Our Favorite Kitchen Gadgets for 2017

When we think about the kitchen, we always think about food. Good food, however, should also be healthy and nutritious. Although we can’t expect that from fast food, preparing our own food at home will ensure that we can customize our food preparation.

In order to encourage every member of the family to eat at home, food should always be delicious and easy to prepare. And this is possible if you have the right gadgets.

We are sharing with you our favorite kitchen gadgets to help make your kitchen a better place for preparing food. These innovative devices are affordable and easy to use; and they actually make the process of food preparation enjoyable and safe as well.

Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This kitchen gadget is capable of preparing 2 sandwiches in one setting. You can customize your sandwiches by layering up bread, biscuit, cheese, ham, vegetables and egg in the set up process. It only takes a couple of minutes (from start to finish) to come up with delicious, healthy, and nicely prepared breakfast.

You can get this versatile sandwich maker at Amazon for about $39. You can look forward to having quick breakfast at home from now on.

RSVP Herb Scissors

Although you can use dried herbs when preparing dishes, using fresh ingredients is still the best way to go. However, this can be a bit troublesome if you don’t have the right kitchen tool to do it. Well, not anymore, if you have a pair of herb scissors!

This model comes with 5 pairs of 3-inch blades; so cutting herbs into tiny pieces is really a breeze. The scissors come with silicone and plastic handles which are easy on the hands. You can grip it comfortably and perform the task efficiently too.

Now you won’t find it troublesome to use fresh herbs in your recipes. This pair of scissors is only priced at about $9 at Amazon.

AYL Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling and BBQ Glove Set

This is an all-around cooking glove set. Yes, you can use it for grilling and smoking BBQ, but you can also use it for other purposes as well. The gloves also function as potholders, so you will find these devices useful when baking too. It actually works better than a regular potholder because its five-finger design allows you to handle hot objects more effectively.

The gloves are insulated and waterproof too. Your hands are therefore protected while doing all types of cooking preparations. In fact, you can even use this outdoors such as when you go on a camping trip.

You can get this set of gloves for less than $20 at Amazon. And you know safety and convenience in the kitchen is always worth investing in!

Spiralizer Envy Spiral Slicer Complete Bundle

This is a vegetable cutter, but it’s not like any standard veggie cutter. You see, vegetables come out in a spiral presentation when you use this device, so vegetables will look really appetizing.

Operating the device is simple and easy too. A manual turning motion is required, which is comparable to sharpening a pencil – and out comes spaghetti-style veggies ready to eat!

The stainless steel blades guarantee fast and accurate cutting when preparing your food. The whole process is safe, simple, and enjoyable too.

Priced at only about $15, this should be one of the basic tools in your kitchen. It will really help you prepare a lot of healthy recipes for your family.

Enjoying Good Food in Your Own Kitchen

family-laughing-around-a-good-meal-in-kitchenYou probably didn’t think that you can prepare food safely and creatively with today’s modern devices, did you? These innovative kitchen gadgets will allow you to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in different ways – healthily and safely as well.

DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 Espresso Machine Review

Carrying on my search for the perfect automatic espresso machine for the home, my search brought me to the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 Espresso Machine. Having already reviewed the Gaggia 90951 Platinum Vision Automatic Espresso Machine which is in a similar price bracket, I thought i would be able to give a decent comparison of the two machines.

Expensive automatic espresso machines are fully capable of making quality espressos at the touch of a button, however you’ll always want to make sure you have quality beans. Without quality beans then it won’t matter how great your machine is, you simply can’t make great salad with rotten vegetables.

Yes, the best automatic machines are expensive, but depending on how often you use the machine, you’ll recoup your money from not having to visit Starbucks ever again. The cost per drink averages at around $0.20 compared to anywhere between $0.50 – $0.80 for a pod or capsule based semi-automatic machine. You also have the touch button convenience and low amount of cleaning which makes using almost any automatic espresso machine a total breeze. However, how will the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 match up to scrutiny from a guy who knows what he’s talking, or writing about. Carry on reading for my full DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 Espresso Machine Review.

What is the DeLonghi 3500 Magnifica and how does it work?

It’s a top of the line automatic espresso machine for the home, it is designed in Italy but built in China. It has a built in burr grinder, which it should do for this price. So purchasing this machine will save you $500 on having to buy a decent grinder yourself. To work the machine, all you need to do is place your high quality beans in the bean hopper, ensure the water is topped up preferably with filtered water, then you need to adjust your preferences. You get to choose between the amount of drink you get and the strength which is determined by how much beans are used. Then it’s simply one button and the drink is made within about 30 seconds. The machine is very loud, as many have pointed out, but remember that it’s grinding coffee which is a loud business.

There is a little more to it of course, and i’ll go into each of the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500′s features, with a critical eye below:

Range of Drinks

coffee-machine-brewing-a-coffee-espresso-in-homeThere will be many who are solely interested in having espresso, in which case you won’t need to use the attached frother. The frother allows you to make lattes and cappuccinos with ease. The ability to make the extra drinks on the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 is easier and more convenient than on the Gaggia 90951 which has a milk island. The problem with the milk island is that it is detached from the machine, is messy and provides inconsistent results. The DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 clearly doesn’t have this problem as the frother is built in. It also has its own boiler, which makes two boilers in total. This is advantages because it means you don’t have a long wait between the milk heating up and the espresso being made for a latte.

Digital Programming

You use the buttons to set your strength which is determined by the amount of coffee the machine grinds and the amount of drink you will be served. You set the grind coarseness via a dial in the bean hopper, so this is separate to the control panel. The control panel also tells you when the machine needs cleaning and you use the buttons to send it through its internal cleaning cycle.

Built in Burr Grinder

espresso-coffee-machine-with-roasted-coffee-beansvThis is really important, otherwise you’d be forking out a lot of extra money for one of these. Having said that, there is an extra bypass compartment where you can use grounds should you happen to have them, or if you want to use decaffeinated. You can adjust the grind coarseness via a dial on the inside of the bean flap. The further the setting to the left then the finer the beans will be ground down. This slows down the brewing process and ensures you have a stronger espresso with a thicker crema. Send the dial over to the right and your grind becomes a little more coarse which is used for a longer or weaker espresso.

Cup Warmer


This is a very important feature, especially if you’re drinking espressos. The tiny amount of liquid you get with and espresso can easily lose much of its heat the second it hits a cold cup. This can greatly impair the taste which is why I always recommend heating your cups with boiling water before you brew espressos. Thankfully, the top of the machines doubles up as a warming plate which saves you a job.

Attached Milk Container

This container slides on and off, so you can store it along with your milk in the fridge when you’re not using the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of the machines problems come into play as a lot of people have mentioned that the container is a little tricky to slide in and out of position. Let me say that if you’re using this machine simply for espresso then this will be irrelevant to you. There has also been mention of the o-rings which connect the two breaking. I’ll also say that these o-rings need an annual replacement anyway, which will be most of the maintenance you’ll ever need.

The container, as stated before has its own boiler which is a great idea. The heated or steamed milk depending on your drink comes straight from the milk container. You’ll want to ensure you turn the hot water dispenser knob to clean the tubes after every single use. This should be a regular part of your cleaning routine. Doing this will ensure better longevity as well as a higher drink quality.

There is also a steamer attachment that comes with the machine, should you happen to want boiled water.

60 oz Water Reservoir


This part is fairly simple to understand. I’ll just point out that you need to ensure its topped up before making a drink. Otherwise the machine will stop halfway through the process and it can’t restart after topping up, but will instead start again from scratch. This will be a waste of coffee grounds.


Cleaning is very easy as most of it is done via the buttons on the machine. There is a light that comes on when it needs decalcifying, however you would probably need to descale more often than when it suggests to maintain quality. As long as you’re using filtered water, you’re not going to get limescale buildups as fast anyway. Remember to clean the milk tubes after every use, this takes about 5 seconds. Other than that, i would give the machine a thorough clean two or three times a year. You should use a dustbuster to vacuum out stray grounds and get a little brush to clean everything away from the brew group. Nice and easy cleaning!

I’ll also say that you get a DVD with the machine to take you through everything, but operating the system really is very simple.

What others are saying about the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 Espresso Machine?

It has received an average review of 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. It has been marked down by people due to the o-rings breaking, however there is no other espresso machine manufacturer that has more official dealers and repairers in the US than does DeLonghi. You can also order the o-rings easily on Amazon. It has also been marked down due to people complaining that the drinks aren’t always hot. If you’re having simply espresso then remember to use the cup warmer, or otherwise pour boiling water into your cup. I would also say the same about making a latte. If the latte temperature still bothers you then you should stop using milk straight from the fridge, perhaps you could heat it up in the microwave prior to putting it in the milk container.

Here are a few positive comments from other reviewers:

– Amazing tasting coffee; freshly ground at the touch of a button. Several people have told me that it tastes better than Starbucks coffee.

– I am very happy with this machine. Very easily it produces very good cappuccinos or espresso style coffees. The milk container is handy and there is a clever mechanism to clean the frothing spout without having to empty and wash the milk container, allowing me to return the container back to the refrigerator for the next use.

– It’s so EASY. You don’t have to do anything other than put your cup under the spout & hit buttons. You don’t even have to hold the milk container when frothing!

– This is really a great machine. It makes the best coffee I have ever tasted. It is completely automatic so you have nothing to do but fill it and empty it.

– Although I was initially hesitant about the price of the machine, I decided to try it. The result is exactly what I was looking for… restaurant-quality espresso & cappuccino at the push of a button!

Where can you buy the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 Espresso Machine?

There are many places you can buy it from online, however here is the cheapest place i’ve found it to be. Don’t forget you can also get free delivery as well and the customer service is arguably the best anywhere. I hope you enjoy your espressos!